So, right at the top we have the multi billionaires. They truly know what kind of luxuries can be attained – their very own island? Private airport to go with their private jets and helicopters etc…. There’s nothing much beyond this (materially I mean, obviously). You can afford to see the whole world and even buy a small country if that’s what you want! Well, you get the picture! [I will also include the multi millionaires in this section because you still have the same kind of freedom and ability to pretty much buy whatever you desire!]

Then there’s the people like those in the video on my home page (my materialistic idea of a luxury lifestyle! I call this my short term goal, lol), the millionaires. At this level of luxury, life is just one big party! Like the first group, you can also ‘buy time’ – no work to stop you doing what you want, when you want! Or at least you have people running your businesses for you. Total freedom, no restrictions, no worries and you’ve now been able to leave the money stress behind. Travel the world on your yacht, hire private jets without blinking at the price, and multiple Lambo’s, Farrari’s, Aston Martin’s and such like in your giant garage, with a full time chauffeur! And so on…
Ok, so then we have the 6 figure earners. Earner being the operative word here, you’re probably very hard working, really putting in the effort and hours to maintain the high figures and more than likely the big house, expensive car, designer clothes, traveling 1st/business class and staying in 5 star hotels etc. I believe this is the majorities’ idea of a luxury lifestyle, because most people can’t ever imagine being in a position to not have to work at all, but they strive to earn more and more and have a better job, or a job that gives them more time freedom (maybe an online business, affiliate marketing or being able to work from home).
Next, a large group here who may feel they don’t have enough luxury in their lives. You have a good job, you’ve managed to get your own home and a decent car, and you have a nice holiday every year. At the top end, you might even have paid off your all your debts, but you still feel you work too hard for not enough money!
Next we have many people stuck in a cycle of working hard just to meet the bills, using the credit cards each month and then losing a big chunk of their monthly wage to pay them back again but not being able to clear them. If this is you, perhaps the only luxury you can afford is a holiday once a year or every 2 years, which ends up adding even more to your cards, and so the cycle begins again! To you, luxury might mean just being debt free.
If you’re in this group, chances are you live in rented accommodation as you just can’t get on the ladder, your car is either on finance or you have an older car that you wish you could afford to change, and the last time you had a holiday abroad was when your parents took you! You may even struggle to get finance due to poor credit rating (in my experience, this could be a good thing, lol!) so there are so many things that would mean luxury to you! Are you starting to see what I mean about perspective?
Well it doesn’t stop there…The next group probably can’t afford a car and have to get benefits to pay the rent and have money to buy food… then there are way too many who are completely homeless, where a hot meal, a shower and a warm shelter would be the most amazing luxury!!!
Believe it or not, it does get worse than even the last category – just look at the 3rd world countries…Does that explain my view now?

So I want you to think about what luxury means to you. Write it down. EVERYTHING! No matter how big or ridiculously impossible it may seem, and name your list ‘What I want’. Be specific, and make sure you are very clear with your wording (I wrote down a wish for my best friend to find a rich man to love her and look after her, as she had so much bad luck with men and always struggled with her bills each month. Within a few weeks she met a guy called Rich! He is amazing and they have just got engaged, YEY! but he’s not exactly rich! See what I mean?). These are your goals, look at your list every day, multiple times a day even, read your list out loud and visualise yourself getting these things and seeing those changes in your life.

Now, if you’re on this page I suspect you haven’t reached 6 figures (yet!) and you’re looking for a way to make more money. Well, there are many ways to get started and I have quite a few tools that can help you. And don’t worry if you are in the lower groups, there is a way to start for free (as long as you have internet – which you must have if you’re seeing this page :P). That’s how I started over 3 years ago, and while I’m nowhere near the top groups (yet!) I do have what I consider to be a luxury lifestyle: No boss, no 9 to 5, freedom to work when I want and get up when I want, I LOVE my job – I’m excited every day to start work, I’ve traveled to many countries and as I work on the internet I can travel whenever I want as I can work from anywhere! And yes, you can even get internet in the desert!
I hope you can find what you’re looking for but if you don’t, please feel free to message me and tell me what problems you are having and I will do my best to help you!

I’m creating my luxury lifestyle through changing my mindset and working online, and I want to help as many people as possible regain control of their own destiny too. It’s a mixture of spiritual inspiration, motivation and manifesting, I’ll show you how I’m making money online with affiliate marketing, online business building, lead generation and traffic etc.. My audience will be anyone wanting to make changes in their life, struggling online marketers, luxury seekers, over 40’s women, people in financial difficulty, businesses wanting to get their business online for the first time, online businesses that want more traffic, leads and engagement… And many more!