How to Beat Self-Doubt When It Threatens to Squash Your New Year's Goals | Mary Morrissey

In my 45+ years of studying and teaching the art and science of transformation, I’ve discovered that one of the easiest and most effective ways to beat self-doubt is a simple, three-word phrase…

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“Up until now…”
When you notice self-doubt chattering away in your mind, first take a deep breath and calm yourself down. And then acknowledge what the voice said, starting your reply with “Up until now….”

“Up until now, I haven’t known how to do this, but I’m committed to learning now.”

“Up until now, I haven’t had the money to follow my dreams, but now I’m taking steps to budget my money differently.”

“Up until now, I have felt too old to pursue a new career, but now I see that my attitude is what matters – not my age.”

“Up until now” calls your subconscious mind to attention and tells it you’re in charge – not your doubt. This simple, three-word phrase signals that you are giving new instructions which your subconscious mind must follow.

Using this phrase, you set new destinations as orders and direct your subconscious mind to figure out how to marshal all resources to get you there.

Your bold battle cry of “up until now” won’t produce an immediate shift. When the captain of the Queen Mary gives the order to turn the ship, it takes a full seven miles before the turn is fully executed. But the process begins the moment the captain finishes delivering orders – and so it will be with your simple statement of “up until now.”

Remember, even if you can’t see the way to your goal right now, there must be a way. If there weren’t, you would never have dreamed the dream you’re pursuing in the first place!

Use This Simple, 3-Word Phrase to Skyrocket Your Self-Confidence and Eliminate Self-Sabotage, So You Can Stay on Track to Achieve Your Goals and Create a Life You Love Living In The New Year of 2020.

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6 Comments on “How to Beat Self-Doubt When It Threatens to Squash Your New Year's Goals | Mary Morrissey

  1. WOW Mary! Love those three, little, and seemingly insignificant words: Up Until Now. Get to work paradigm and line up to what I’m telling you to do! Appreciate your sending value out like this. Love it.

  2. Yes, I have made a new decision and the cloud of self-doubt will not obscure the vitality of my vision and the clarity of my dream.
    I encourage all who read my comment to believe the same and be empowered.

  3. I absolutely love this Mary! It’s such good timing, as I attempt to not only get to your next Dream Builder, but to make this new year, be the year I become a life coach. So grateful for these videos, and I am very grateful to have you in my life. God Bless You, and may this be your best year ever. Love ya!

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